State of the Trails MN | 2022 Edition

I can't be the only one that feels like 2022 has gone by extremely fast and that it's been too eventful and somehow also very bland.

That alone is a fantastic reason to spend as much time outside as possible and with spending lots of time outside comes finding out what to do and where to do it.

So if you're one to bike or run on the regular then this is the spring to summer recap of how the trails around Minnesota are doing. Short version is this; not great, it's all in fact getting worse and it's all heavily neglected.

Let's start off with all the trails in general.

The connectivity of all trails in Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs has never been better as in there's a couple new trails/paths/sidewalks around that weren't there about a year and a bit ago. This also goes to an abundance of trails that were cut off (by repairs) around the end of the year last year and some that were cut off near the start of this year.

Good news; lots of repairs pretty much everywhere which is very encouraging to hear that some cities and some groups are taking walkability and bike-ability more into consideration and that problems are being solved to a certain extent.

Bad news; the vast amount of repairs in those places means there's going to be some trail closures for a while which means alternative ways to get to and from places by pedestrians and bikes are now needed and non existent a few of which have local or private repairs of their own that have not been repaired in a while.

Now how about some talk on how they're looking.

Bad... the overwhelming majority of trails of north west metro heading north and north west are abysmally horrendous, with several paths and trails being overgrown and more cracked out than well... idk if there's been anything this cracked ever. The trails in and around south west aren't much better even in wealthier neighborhoods and cities. The amount of lumps, bumps, cracks, splits, and holes, pretty much everywhere at this point, is insane. Again, there has genuinely never been this bad of trail conditions ever, and it really feels like the trails and sidewalks and all other non motorized vehicle infrastructure has been neglected for yet another year, nowhere more prevalent than places that have noted they wanted to do something about that about 5 or 6 years ago and have completely different people running the place now.

The towns around here and Three Rivers Parks really need to take a look at how many people that changed their lifestyles recently are now using their paths and how much of a danger it is to have trails be in such bad condition. If it's not just an individual danger for the people using them then look at it as a financial danger. If people don't use the trails and they're the only way to get around because there's a big lack of infrastructure then you're gonna have more cars, and having more cars on the streets cost everyone more money. Don't fix Main Street again for the 3rd time in one year and really think about what the people of your city actually need instead of what you want or what you need to keep your job and yearly budget. I'll vandalize everything if I must just to get the trails repaired but such drastic measures shouldn't be necessary as you should just do what's right.


Good News; A lot more people are going out to see what the trails have to offer in terms of view and just some nice time outside. The amount of use of the trails/paths/sidewalks should be visible enough to warrant a reasonable amount of work to be done to keep these commodities and amenities in tip top shape to satisfy the needs and wants of current and soon to come residents of cities in the heart of MN.

Bad News; No one seems to care. I know complaining isn't the best way to get something changed, but when little to no people bring up how damn uncomfortable it is to be anywhere outside of a car in an overwhelming majority of places in this state, nothing is going to be changed. And since people that can make a difference aren't proactive and everyone in this stupidly nice state is nonconfrontational, we're going nowhere.

Yes I already am grateful that we even have trails and that you can get pretty much everywhere on a bike with minimum reasonable interference. But, hear me out, just because it's ok, doesn't mean it couldn't be good, and if we can get to good we can achieve great, and great is pretty close to damn brilliant so just shoot for that. The point is; Minnesota is an amazingly beautiful place that should be primarily experienced in the fresh air, be it hot or cold. And when you could have the greatest fucking experience outside being within the realm of possibility, but it isn't the current state, is a little annoying but nothing to bad to get really angry about. Overall however, Minnesota can fuck itself because it really sucks to live here, the suburbs are boring and the only thing to actually do in the state is either get drunk at a Twins game (highly recommend!) or get drunk at a local brewery, or maybe go visit Duluth for the 100th time. For such a green and beautiful state, filled with great people, it sure as fuck can feel like you're burning in hell, even when it's negative 10000000° outside.

God (If you're even real dawg) please, send me to a better state with better infrastructure, hopefully after I can see or at least hear about some changes coming to better the State of the Trails.

Aight, that's it


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