What's there to do when you've got nothing to do?

I know that's kind of a contradictory and very wacky statement to start anything but that's what I want to ask myself, and you, this time around.

The past couple days I came down with a really annoying cold after what felt like a pretty good week back after a trip and I felt somewhat energized and productive. Great way to feel like absolute garbage now. Really, the main reason I feel like garbage is because I've done nothing for 3 full days now except for sleep and eat and medicate the fuck out of myself. So writing this still sick going on day 4 I was thinking about ways to feel productive when there's not much else you can do.

I honestly don't really have an answer for whoever comes across this but I do have several ideas even for those that are absolutely beat by an illness so you don't feel like garbage while already feeling like shit.

First off is what I'm doing right now. Just Finding Time To Work. And absolutely the last thing you want to do when in a rut is work but I actually find it pretty relaxing knowing that I can just sit down and get to be productive even if this version of being productive is just pulling out something to write about for the sake of writing. And work doesn't have to be work work. If there's anything else you can work on being a piece of art, or some music, or a stupid little article for a blog that barely anyone reads (personal anecdote sorry if this hit close to home) then you're getting work done. Anything and everything that keeps you learning and engaged can certainly be work even if not for any particular outcome at least for yourself... or something, idk.

Something a little more simple is Organizing. I've always been a procrastinator and completely disorganized, and I've payed for it in the long run, so if you feel like you have absolutely nothing to do then organize. If it's not just planning shit out in advance, then even something as simple as moving stuff to where it can make things easier for you is something to do. At the end of the day it's more about convenience-ing yourself than actively organizing as order is simple and simplicity is smoothness and well that's as good as shit can go. You'd be surprised as to how organized you can get everything with a simple hour or two of just putting shit in a calendar or just moving stuff around on your desk 'till it's neat and accessible for yourself. So while you're losing your shit, organize the rest of it.

If you're not in a bad physical state then Exercise of any kind is absolutely something you should do regularly. If you're not really "the exercising type" and don't already do much or anything then a time when there's absolutely nothing else to do is a good time to do something. There is a lot of research regarding how much exercise benefits you mentally as much as physically and I can definitely vouch for going on a bike ride when pissed off to calm down or just get a good workout. you could even take this a step up and organize yourself and plan out when you're going to do any form of exercise. There's something just so nice about going out and even a simple walk does the trick.

To finish this off I just wanted to add that in reality you can do Whatever the Hell You Want. In the end, whatever you chose to do is already something, and if it doesn't negatively impact you in the long run then whatever you chose to do when you had nothing to do is already more than nothing. But if you chose to do something beyond somewhat nothing then there's more to it. There's a little trick that I learned from a guy on YouTube; leonardmlee. In one of his videos regarding riding every day for 90 days he mentions something that's somewhat stayed with me, and that's the small goals that give you a sense of achievement. When riding his bike every day the small goal of at least one km (which is fairly simple on a bike) is what helps. Anything after that goal feels like it was smashed and it gives you a sense of accomplishment. All of that came to the simple most important bit of just committing and actually doing it. Sure it might seem small or it might be somewhat hard to just get started but the sense of accomplishment does make it worth doing anything at all.

What else is there to do really? Specially when you're sick, what do you like or just kind of do. I tend to force myself to drink a ton of water and find something creative to do if not keeping myself busy or sleeping 20 hours.

That's all,


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